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Data Solutions

All our solutions are delivered using Open Source software wherever possible. There are two reasons for this:


  • Cost Effectivenesss - In general there is no licence or annual maintenance cost, which means that there will be a reduction in the build and deployment cost of the solution when compared to a proprietary software package.
  • Development Options - The best quality software products offer very similar solutions and will deliver 90% of what you want so choosing the right software solution for your requirement, and not being tied to a single product, opens up more options for you.

Technical Product Knowledge.

Database systems:  Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server

Data Management systems:   Talend, CloverETL and Pentaho

Business Intelligence systems:  Qlikview, Pentaho, Oracle Business Intelligence

Data Management, Cleansing and Integration

The management, cleansing and integration of data is paramount to most data led businesses as it provides a clean single source of clean and accurate data that can be utilised throughout the business

Data Warehousing