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Solution Delivery

Niatom use a simple delivery model that focusses on the business outcome whilst ensuring that we agreed and that it meets the requirements. The model is based upon structure, milestones and signoff to keep everyone on the same page but with a focus on the goal. We keep our project delivery milestones short term so there is always something tangible expected from us to show progress and provide true milestone updates weekly.

Our methodology is broken down into four key stages - Initiation & Requirements, Design & Build, Business Acceptance and Business Delivery. We always try to ensure that stages do not overlap, it may seem to be 'old school' but it works. Everyone knows where they are and what comes next. Phases may be run in any methodology dependant upon the desired outcome. At times requirements are firm and delivery long so a waterfall approach is appropriate, conversely requirements may be soft but a delivery date firm so we try to follow an agile approach. 

Our focus is on the delivery of the solution you want, when you want and we will build a business proposal for you that guarantees delivery against jointly agreed requirements as soon as those requirements are agreed.