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Niatom Limited is a niche company that works exclusively in the data management arena.


The business was created in response to the growing tide of lack of delivery from major consulting organisations in the area of data management, transformation where the world is moving fast and an agile and proactive approach is required.


We pride ourselves on being hardware and software agnostic and base our business on strong design principles and quick and effective delivery.


For data warehousing and business intelligence solutions we use a rapid development approach to quickly bring solutions to life ensuring the initial base is one from which we can build a strong and stable solution to fulfill your requirements.


In the areas of cleansing, integration and conversion our approach is pragmatic using data profiling and an itterative approach to providing a solution that meets the requirements provided to us and the proposed current and future data needs.


For data strategy, management and modelling we look at your needs and requirements and architect solutions that focus on data ownership and governance ensuring that the data model fulfils the current and know future needs whilst providing the business with an architecture it can rely on.